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Features — December 15, 2014

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Feeling Too Close to the Ball

Many club players feel cramped when hitting a forehand, that is, they feel as if they are too close to the ball. However, the problem may actually be in the take back and footwork applied. It's not that the player is too close to the ball but that poor footwork and weight shift can put the body in the way of the swing. In this video analysis, Doug King uses Andre Agassi and Roger Federer to illustrate this concept.

The Slice Backhand: A Federer, Nadal Comparison

In this video analysis, Christophe Delavaut compares the slice backhands of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. These two players are completely different with contrasting styles — Federer being more of an all court player with a one-handed backhand and Nadal an aggressive baseliner with a two-hander. Yet from take back to contact to follow through, while there are some differences, their slice backhands look remarkably similar.

ProStrokes 3.0 — Jack Sock Serve

Is Jack Sock the next great hope for American tennis? While it may be too soon to tell, this 22 year old out of Lincoln, Nebraska seems to have all the tools. Sock can bring the serve at speeds upwards of 140 mph but he is predominately an aggressive baseline player, with one of the sweetest forehands on the ATP tour. It is an extremely compact stroke with very little backswing, yet he is capable of generating tremendous racquet head speed. Sock is currently ranked 42 in the world, but it wouldn't surprise me if he had a breakout year in 2015 and climbed much higher.

TennisOne Newsletter: Effortless Action: Steph Curry and Roscoe Tanner

From Last Issue

Three Reasons to Hit the Open Stance Forehand

At the pro level, the modern game is extremely fast paced. And while the pros still step into the ball at times, the go to shot is the open stance forehand. There are many reasons pros prefer the to hit with an open stance and Peter Freeman demonstrates his top three — the pace of the ball give you less time to react, It's easier to hit wide balls with an open stance, and recovery is much quicker and more efficient.

Hitting Up on the Kick Serve

A good kick serve is an important addition to your tennis arsenal. It will clear the net by three to five feet, bounce high and spin away from the returner and completely unnerve your opponent. Use it as your go to second serve or as a change of pace on the first serve. But to hit this serve effectively, you have to learn to hit up on the ball. From grip to ball toss to practical drills, Ken DeHart show you how to master this tricky serve.

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