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Features — January 22, 2015

Check out "10 Burning Tennis Questions for 2015" TennisOne Newsletter.

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The Forehand Swing-Path

Back in the day, when players used mostly continental and eastern grips and small headed, wooden racquets, the forehand swing-path was very linear and across the body. But all that has changed as grips became more extreme and massive topspin became paramount. Jorge Capestany, with assistance from his daughter Carly and of all things a hula hoop, examines a forehand swing-path that provides both topspin and forward drive.

Three Keys to Improving Your Overhead

How often do you see club level players play a great point only to miss what should be a finishing overhead. The players who miss overheads usually demonstrate one or more of the following: they are not in position, they don't go up after the ball, and they tend to be in an awkward position at contact. The reason for this is fairly simple — the overhead isn't' practiced enough. Tom Downs, shows you how to overcome these three obstacles to a great overhead.

ProStrokes 3.0 — Lucie Safarova

Lucie Safarova, from the Czech Republic, has won six WTA singles titles and four doubles titles, amassed over five million dollars in prize money and reached a career high of number 15 in the world in September of 2014, and yet somehow she seems to fly under the radar. In fact, Lucie Safarova may be the best player you've never heard of. Safarova plays left-handed with a two-handed backhand,and her serve is strong enough so that she once served 18 aces in a single match.

TennisOne Newsletter: 10 Burning Tennis Questions for 2015

From Last Issue

Centering Yourself and the Ball

How often do you frame a shot, even on the easiest of balls? While some shots are of course missed due to aim, many of these misses are due to elements associated with inconsistent contact in the center of the string bed. There can be many reasons for this and Dave Smith discusses some of the causes and offers concrete recommendations to not just correct the problem, but improve the effectiveness of each shot you hit in the process.

Top's Serving Arsenal

Top is a ten year old boy — one of the best in the world in his age group — who trains at the IMG academy under the tutelage of Pat Dougherty. Top has a serve that would be the envy of any club player regardless of the level. He can hit topspin, slice, and kick serves using virtually the same motion. See how Pat (aka the serve doctor) and Top, using various progressions, built this serve from the ground up.

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