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Features — September 22, 2014

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(2nd Free Training Video from TennisOne Editor Jim McLennan's upcoming course, "The All-Court Game"

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Serving Seminar

This is chance to eavesdrop on Peter Freeman's extended serving seminar. Peter takes his players through the warm-up, which includes a progression starting with a static stance to the walk through, and finally the jump serve. From there, Peter takes you through the grip, stance, and orientation, all the while the emphasis is place on balance and consistency. A great way to fine tune your own serve.

Understand Focus and Win More Matches!

It has been scientifically established that a goldfish is able to concentrate on one thing (like eating) for up to 8 seconds without becoming distracted. Since most tennis points are shorter than 8 seconds and is then followed by up to a 20-second break before the next point begins, one would hope the human mind can be trained to concentrate a bit longer than our distant golden aquatic relatives. One of the ways to improve your focus and reduce unforced errors at the same time is to know where you are aiming each shot. 

Respect Your Opponent

Have you ever lost a match to a weaker player? I’m sure you have — it happens to everyone, and more often than we'd like to admit. If you think that you are the better player and you deserve to win the match, you are only asking for trouble. Do you want to know the secret to beating weaker players every time? Peter Portner has the answer and it is so simple that it might surprise you.

ProStrokes 3.0 — Simona Halep Serve & Net Game

2013 was a break out year for this 22 year-old from Romania. Halep won the first 6 WTA titles she entered and this year, she's continued her stellar form, reaching a career high number two in the world. Halep plays an intelligent yet aggressive baseline game that reminds me of Agnieszka Radwanska, but with a bit more power. She's extremely fit, very fast around the court. and tends to make very few errors. Halep anticipates well, has excellent defensive skills and can quickly turn defense into offense. New this issue, Simona Halep's serve and net game.

TennisOne Newsletter: Survival of the Fittest?

From Last Issue

3 Drills to Improve Perception

There are two parts to hitting a tennis ball, receiving and sending, yet most people work on sending and neglect the receiving part — the most important part. Knowing where your body is in relationship to the ball is crucial for the improvement of all strokes. Coach Mark Gellard brings you three drills you can do with your coach, your hitting partner or even a ball machine, These are the same drills used so effectively by the Spanish Federation for all their top players.

16 Reasons Kei Nishikori has Emerged as an Elite Player

Before the US Open, ESPN analyst Patrick McEnroe predicted: “It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Djokovic or Federer winning the US Open.” Kei Nishikori and Marin Cilic, 50-1 and 80-1 longshots according to the Las Vegas Hotel’s SuperBook, weren’t likely to appear on anyone’s short list of contenders, though they should have been. Paul Fein offers 16 reasons why he believes Nishikori might someday become the first Japanese player to capture a Grand Slam singles title.

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