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Features — April 22, 2015

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Jim McLennan

Progressions for Effective Volleys

The volley, like the serve, is very dependent on the continental grip. .The continental grip improves the ability to react quickly with minimal grip changes. This becomes increasingly important as players move up the ladder and encounter better opponents. In this article, Dave Smith focuses on ideal tennis technique that all skilled players use to hit those crisp, effective volleys. Even those more advanced players may discover that elusive technical tip or technique that is preventing them from moving to the next level.

Roger Federer and the Open Stance Forehand

Watch Roger Federer hit an open stance forehand and you can't help but marvel at how smoothly and elegantly he moves to the ball. And a lot of that has to do with spacing and footwork. In this video, Jorge Capestany examines two distinct methods Federer uses to set up for the open stance forehand, the step-out and the step-away. Note that the upper body looks the same and the head, as always, remains very still on both techniques.

Roger Federer in HD Slo-Mo

Here's a bonus video from our good friend and master professional, Jorge Capestany. Elegant footage of the great Roger Federer beautifully shot in high speed, high definition on the practice courts at last year's Southern and Western Open in Cincinnati. All this is set to music giving it the feel of a ballet. Serves, forehands, and backhands, it's all there. So sit back and enjoy the great one doing what he does best.

ProStrokes 3.0 — Barbora Strýcová

Barbora Strýcová is a former number one junior out of the Czech Republic, however, the climb up the pro ranks has not been an easy one. After struggling on the tour her first few years, Strýcová was banned for six months for doping. Since her return, Strýcová has had good success, achieving a career high world ranking of 20 in March of 2015. She is currently ranked 22. Strýcová is well known for her emotional displays on court, often throwing racquets and yelling at the chair umpire.

TennisOne Newsletter: World's Fastest Serve

From Last Issue

Sam Groth: The World's Fastest Serve

Do you know who Sam Groth is? If you answered no to this question, Christophe Delavaut is not surprised. He'd never heard of him either until he did a bit of research on who held the record for the world's fastest serve. Groth cracked one 163 mph while languishing in a challenger tournament down under.In this video, Delavaut takes a close look at the Groth serve and compares it to some of the great servers past and present.

The Art of Target Practice

In tennis, the “target” is the other side of the net, an area as wide as most houses and hard to miss. However, there’s more to tennis than just getting the ball over the net and inside the lines. But not all players hit with specific targets in mind. It may sound funny but frequently when a weekend warrior hits a winner, knowledgeable onlookers can tell that the player wasn't aiming at anything in particular. In this article, Joe Dinoffer teaches you the art of aiming.

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