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Big Screen TV - Samples (see T1 membership benefits below)

Not everything that's bigger is better. But in the case of big screen video of your favorite professional tour players, bigger is definitely better. Live large and watch large with Big Screen TV!

Maria Sharapova, Roger Federer, Martina Hingis

Big screen TV is best viewed with a broadband connection. For dial-up connections, it may be better to download the file and view it locally.

Important Viewing Tips: 1) Set your screen resolution to 1152 x 864 to see the large movie format and cursor control bar at the bottom of the movie frame; 2) to advance the movie frame-by-frame, click on the cursor control bar arrows to the bottom right of the movie frame. Each click should advance the movie one frame or reverse the movie one frame; 3) you can also select the cursor ball by clicking down and dragging the images forwards and reverse.

Maria Sharapova
Roger Federer
Martina Hingis

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  • TennisOne Members' Testimonials

    TennisOne online instruction and multimedia difference. "Your article on "using the whole court" and anti-baseline drilling looked brilliant to me. Encouraging creativity is so important, but largely ignored. It's unusual to see tennis advice that is valuable to both the recreational player and the young junior tournament player, as well as to coaches. All-court creativity! The video instruction demo was just excellent. This is so much better than seeing stills in a magazine. And visual learning, with the "coaching-like" feedback is better than just a coach telling you something."
    Geoff M., 7/04

To TennisOne Members

To thank our members for their support, five bonus T1 Super Slow-Mo videos have been placed in your My TennisOne account. To access My TennisOne, login with your password like you usually do in the upper left hand corner of the TennisOne home page.

Once you log in, you'll see "My TennisOne" highlighted below the login box. Click on that and go to My TennisOne, where you'll see your account information, Super Slo-Mo videos, and a new referral system which gives you the chance to accumulate bonus points that can be redeemed for free tennis products.

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