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Features — September 1, 2014

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Tic, Tac, Toe

Christophe DelavautToo often at the club level we see players hitting shot after shot with out any real idea as to how to set up a winning play. In this video analysis, Christophe Delavaut examines a singles strategy that is often used on the pro tour and that you can incorporate into your own game regardless of the level you play at. Christophe calls this strategy Tic, Tac, Toe. Watch and you'll understand why.

How to Beat Better Players

Jorge CapestanyYou enter a tournament or perhaps you're playing singles on your USTA team, and you find yourself warming up for your match. The problem is, your opponent across the net seems to do almost everything better than you. His groundstrokes are more consistent, his serve is more powerful, and he's pretty good at the net also. So you are probably going to lose this match,… not necessarily. Jorge Capestany shows you how it's possible to beat better players.

ProStrokes 3.0 — Venus Williams Through the Years

Venus WilliamsIt's hard to believe that this great champion played her first pro match in 1994 — that's 20 years ago! Now, after amassing nine major singles titles, 13 major doubles titles and two mixed doubles titles, this great champion's career is nearing the end. Here we bring you a series of stroke sequences shot in high speed video covering the years from 2009 to 2014. Venus brings a lot of fire power to the court but from my prospective, her strokes have always seemed highly idiosyncratic, But you can judge for yourself.

From Last Issue

Wrist Analysis and the Raonic Serve

There is a lot of controversy and even confusion regarding the use of the wrist on the serve. The fact is, at the club level, the wrist action you most often see on the courts is a slapping motion and that is exactly what you don't want to do. In this video, Doug King examines the the motion of one of the biggest and best servers on the ATP tour, Milos Raonic. Studying this great serve provides a clue to understanding the proper use of the wrist on the serve.

The Damage of Control

Tennis is a game of mistakes. Even among the best players in the world, matches are usually decided by the player who makes the fewest mistakes and even the winner almost always has more errors than winners. However, it is important that while practicing or playing a match, to keep an eye on your intentions. We don’t play this game to avoid mistakes, however influential mistakes are in the final outcome. We play this game to create opportunities, to find that inspiring knife-edge between too much and too little which is, just enough. — Jerôme Inen

TennisOne Classic: Punch the Volley?

Recently I wrote an article called, "Words Matter," about how about how various commands by teaching pros like "racquet back" and "out in front" are often vague and can be misinterpreted by students. In this TennisOne classic from last year, Daryl Fisher covers the same issue, this time regarding the volley and the command, "punch it. But is that really how the volley is struck?

ProStrokes 3.0 — Varvara Lepchenko, Serve & Net Game

Varvara Lepchenko was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan but emigrated to the United States in 2001. Lepchenko became a United States citizen in 2007 and has represented the US at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Lepchenko is 28 years old, is coached by her father, Peter, and has won 11 ITF tournaments. She plays left-handed with a two-handed backhand and has won 11 ITF tournaments. Lepchenko reached a career high of world number 19 in 2012. Check our her strokes in TennisOne high-speed video. New this issue, Lepchenko's serve and net game.

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