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Features — August 22, 2015

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Building the Frankenstein Forehand Return

Christophe Delavaut resumes his role as Dr Frankenstein in building the consummate forehand return. And his model for this is Andy Murray because Andy does just about everything right. Christophe compares Murray's forehand return with his forehand groundstroke. The two are very similar, but the tiny adjustments Murray makes on the return are what makes him the perfect role model.

Body Posture

Body posture is a phrase TV commentators use in just about every match. It has to do with the subliminal, yet very clear positive or negative messages players send their opponents between points. And these messages can often effect the outcome of a match because they can tip off an opponent as to whether you have any fight left of have given up. Jorge Capestany explains.

Windows of Acceptance — TennisOne Classic

Dr. Howard Brody died last week. Professor Brody was a member the International Tennis Federation Technical Commission, the USTA Sports Science Committee, and one of the earliest contributors to TennisOne. He was among the first to apply science to the study of tennis and, perhaps more than anyone else, he was responsible for how we understand the physics of the game. Dr. Brody was a true visionary and he will be missed. As a tribute, we will publish this classic TennisOne lesson.

ProStrokes 3.0 — Martin Kližan's Game

Martin Kližan turned pro in 2007 and has a career-high singles ranking of world no. 24, achieved in April 2015. He has won three ATP tournaments and amassed over 2 million dollars in prize money. He is currently ranked 38 in the world. 2012 was a breakout year for Kližan, when he advanced to the fourth round of of the US Open, defeating Jo-Wilfried Tsonga along the way. Later that year he won his first ATP tournament, St. Petersburg Open, beating Fabio Fognini in the final. Kližan is a baseliner who plays left-handed with a two-handed backhand.

TennisOne Newsletter: Technique, Physical, Mental

From Last Issue

Tennis — It's a Game of Touch

Watching a professional tennis match it's easy to be seduced by the power the pros possess, But first and foremost, tennis is a game of soft hands and great touch. So how do these players develop a feel for the ball. Peter freeman demonstrates a drill used at all levels of play from top juniors, to the challenger level, and even by players on the ATP tour. It's a fun game that you can add to your own practice sessions.

Understanding Timing for Better Tennis

In comedy, it is said that “Timing is everything.” Tennis is no different, except at the end of a well-timed winning shot, only one player is laughing. It is also said that tennis can be a game of inches. But far more important is that tennis is a game of fractions of a second! Yes, things happen fast on a tennis court, anyone who has ever faced a 120 mph serve can attest to that. — Joe Dinoffer

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