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Pro Stroke Library - 10 Ways to Use

10 Ways to Use ProStrokes Gallery and New Pro Stroke Library

Find Visual Models for Your Game

To play like the pros--or more like the pros--you have to see how they do it. Our ProStrokes Gallery and new Pro Stroke Library give you the tools to do exactly that. Whatever part of your game you're working on, from hitting your first serve with more power, to shortening your backswing on the return of serve, you can find precise visual models to improve your game.

Our existing ProStrokes Gallery shows you all the strokes of an individual player. For example, if you want to see all of Andre Agassi's strokes, from serves to backhands to volleys, go to ProStrokes Gallery and select Andre Agassi.

Our new Pro Stroke Library shows you the videos of the pros organized by stroke so you can more easily compare strokes and styles of play of different players. For example, if you want to see how Agassi, Federer, and Roddick hit crosscourt forehands, go to the Pro Stroke Library and select Forehand, Crosscourt.

Agassi crosscourt forehand
Federer crosscourt forehand
Roddick crosscourt forehand

10 Ways to Use the ProStroke Gallery and the New ProStroke Library

  1. Freeze-frame the action to study the exact foot, body, arm, racquet position. Use the slider in Quicktime player to stop the action just at the right moment.

    Sampras serve

  1. Model a particular stroke.

    Henin-Hardenne backhand
  1. Identify precise footwork.

    Seles backhand crosscourt
  1. Identify the exact arm and racquet position.

    Rafter backhand drop volley
  1. Compare styles of play.

    Sebastian Grosjean forehand

             Mardy Fish forehand

  1. Define how players generate power.

    Roddick Serve

             Gustavo Kuerten Serve

  1. See where on the court players hit particular shots.

    John McEnroe first volley

             Greg Rusedski first volley

  1. See how the game has changed: compare past players with today's players.

    Jimmy Connors forehand

             Marat Safin forehand

  1. Study the best strokes of the best players.

    Lindsay Davenport backhand

             Kim Clijsters forehand

  1. Identify where players stand in particular situations.

    Agassi split-step on first serve return

             Agassi split-step on second serve return

To see both ProStrokes Gallery and Pro Stroke Library, become a TennisOne member:

QuickTime Player

To view videos in the ProStrokes Gallery, you will need a QuickTime video player. If you don't have one installed on your system, click here to download one free.

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