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Jim McLennan

Building a Kick Serve

Jim McLennan

"Building a Kick Serve" is a DVD featuring the keys to building a kick serve, one of biggest weapons that you can add to your tennis game.

There are no shortcuts, but with Jim’s help, you can start today building a foundation that will absolutely raise the level of your game.

"Building a Kick Serve" covers the following key areas:

  • Racquet Head Speed - Developing additional racquet head speed is critical to implementing the kick serve. Jim takes you through each element and provides some key drills to improve your racquet speed.
  • Brusing Up - A kick serve generates excessive topspin, and you'll learn now to brush up on your serve and how to do this without risking injury to your rotator cuff.
  • Kick Serve Toss - The kick serve toss if far different than your flat serve or sidespin serve toss. Jim will show you the tricks to mastering this skill.
  • Role of the Body - The body and back create the right swing path and torque for this shot.
  • Slow-Motion Analysis - Using a former top ATP pro, Jim walks you through each element of an excellent kick serve.
  • Tactics - Once you've mastered the stroke, you need to know how to win with it.

Price $37.00

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