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"Underspin Backhand – Weapon"

Underspin Backhand – Weapon

Jim McLennan

In "Underspin Backhand – Weapon," TennisOne Editor Jim McLennan gives you the keys to developing the most varied weapon in your tennis arsenal--the underspin backhand. In a step-by-step approach, which runs 1 hour, this DVD will show you how the underspin backhand can be both an offensive and defensive weapon. It becomes a defensive weapon as it allows you stay in points with reach and spin, which you would otherwise lose. As you stay in more points and give your opponents spins and ball trajectories they don't like, defense turns into offense, as you disrupt your opponent's rhythm. The underspin backhand becomes an even more important weapon as it allows you to move forward into the court, hitting balls on the rise and above the level of the net. The underspin backhand has become an important element of the games of the top professional players: Murray, Federer and now Nadal, all use the underspin backhand, not just as defensive tool, but as an offensive weapon of choice.

This DVD also provides in-depth slow-motion analysis, showing you the subtle nuances of preparation, take-back, dropping into the slot, contact, and follow-through. Additionally, there are a number of extremely innovative drills for you to practice so you can easily grasp and internalize everything you've learned. Here's your opportunity to complete your game and incorporate all the variety and finesse of a great underspin backhand.

About Jim McLennan

Jim McLennan is the Tennis Director at the Fremont Hills Country Club in Los Altos Hills California and the Editor of He has played studied and taught tennis in a career that now spans nearly 40 years. He has published in many tennis professional forums and has also published several instructional DVDs.

"Underspin Backhand – Weapon ," with a run time 1 hour, covers the following key areas:

  • Nature of underspin
  • Grips
  • Racquet path
  • Mechanics
  • Use of legs
  • Non-dominant arm
  • Point of contact
  • Volleying
  • Rising and descending balls
  • Return of serve

Price $37.00
Note: We will take orders, but product won't ship until Nov 24.

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