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TennisOne Tune-Up: The Serve (2-disk DVD)



TennisOne Tune-Up: The Serve (3 hour run-time). This is high-quality, jewell-case, plastic-wrapped DVD product with custom art work insert.

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Who is this DVD for?

This DVD for Players

This DVD for Teaching Pros

Tune-Up for Your Serve

DVD Summary Description

In this new instructional DVD series, TennisOne is providing something almost everyone who is an active player and pro needs: a serve tune-up! We begin where you are with your serve--and offer immediate assistance and guidance!

Your "tune-up" mechanic for this DVD is TennisOne's Senior Editor Dave Smith, author of two best-selling tennis books, and tennis coach for 35 years.

In this DVD, you will learn:

  • Identify which serve problem you have and how to fix it.
  • Better grip and handling of racquet.
  • Better leg drive.
  • Improved body loading to store power.
  • When and how much to bend knees.
  • Alignment of shoulders to cart-wheel like the pros.
  • Feel and alignment of hand, wrist, arm and rhythm of toss.
  • Slow-Motion of Serve Models

    Why you don't "scratch your back" on the racquet drop.
  • Alignment of arm through contact.
  • Whip-like pronation for killer speed.
  • Developing spin for 1st and 2nd serve effectiveness.
  • CONFIDENCE that you're executing this complex skill with the proper technique.
  • PATH TO MASTERY. This DVD provides both a short-term tune-up and the path to serve mastery.

Other Instructional Highlights:

  • Video models of recreational players just like you.
  • Slow-motion analysis
  • Tactical/strategic tips for each serve issue.


DVD Details

Most Common Serve Problems

Would you like to improve your serve in one of these areas?

  • Slow Serve
  • Too Flat
  • Too Much Spin
  • No 2nd Serve
  • No Control
  • Footfault
  • Shoulder/Elbow Pain
  • Pull Head Down

Then this 2-disk DVD is for you!

Kick Serve

The kick serve is the hallmark of the advanced tennis player. If you haven't mastered the kicker yet, here's your chance.



Trick Serves

Every player should know a few trick serves to throw your opponent off-balance and to build confidence in your serving capability. There's nothing unfair in surprising your opponent…while you amaze your friends!

Rapid Improvement

Yes, tennis is a game for a lifetime, and you can keep improving for a lifetime. That said, you can improve your game–your serve–rapidly if you apply the right techniques and work at it!




Click here to return to main DVD page and how to order.


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